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Experience the Joy of the "Aha" Moment.

Fun and Creative Saxophone & Piano lessons.

5-week pop, Rock & Jazz piano Courses.

Piano courses are available for singers, pianists & other instrumentalists.

Offer for new students! Receive 20% off your first term of lessons!


Saxophone & piano tuition

Aha Music School offers individual saxophone and piano lessons for students of all ages and levels. Aha Music School aims to apply it's philosophy of creating a well rounded and progressive musical education that is tailored to each students abilities and musical goals.

General areas of study for saxophone and piano lessons include: technique, reading and writing music notation, repertoire, jazz, pop, rock, blues, theory, harmony, rhythm & counting, improvisation, composition, aural skills, and AMEB & VCE exam repertoire and preparation.

The first lesson for beginners and first time students will be a trial lesson. The trial lesson will give students the opportunity to try out the saxophone or piano and meet the teacher before committing to full term lessons.

Contact Paul to enrol in saxophone or piano lessons.

Aha Music School

Musical discoveries and "AHA!" moments while you learn from practical experience. an introduction by paul carter.

You may be wondering what's with the name "Aha Music School". Well once explained, you may just have an "Aha!" moment. An "Aha" moment is often described as the personal experience of gaining sudden insight or understanding into a problem or concept that has been regarded as incomprehensible or baffling. In my experience, this sums up the process of learning about harmony and improvisation, and creating music.

The philosophy of Aha Music School is to provide a practical musical education full of "Aha!" moments by presenting new concepts and ideas in a clear, concise, progressive, and logical format. The ultimate aim of my piano courses and instrumental lessons is to pass on the necessary skills and knowledge needed for students to continue to explore, learn, and teach themselves how to play their instruments and create music.



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Studio 2, Vox Singing Academy
14B Church St
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Mon-Thurs 3pm-9:30pm
Sat 9am-12pm


71 343 861 678

About Paul Carter

(B.Mus, Cert. IV Training & Assessment)

One of the most enjoyable musical periods of my life was from the age of 13 to 16. When I was thirteen, I was fortunate enough to learn about the 12 bar blues and the blues scale during a junior big band rehearsal I was participating in on saxophone. That was it. I was hooked on music from that moment on. This initial piece of information about the inner workings of the blues, coupled together with the fun, freedom, and creativity of improvisation and composition ultimately lead me down the path to where I am today, a professional musician and teacher.

In high school and university I learnt a huge amount from my teachers. I also had many "Aha!" moments during my own musical explorations and discoveries. I played piano and wrote songs for my garage rock band called Flavus, and I was incredibly lucky in year 11 and 12 to be accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School on saxophone. After school I completed a Bachelor of Music degree in jazz and popular music at Monash University on the saxophone. Since the age of about 17 I have been performing on saxophone and piano in jazz bands, funk bands, pop/rock cover bands, and original bands such as De Jah Groove, Astro Flava, and Dyssimmetrio. I continue to enjoy learning and practising jazz, and perform in jazz and pop/rock bands regularly.

I have been teaching saxophone and piano in both primary and secondary schools since 2008. One of the most enjoyable and rewarding things in all my experience of teaching without a doubt has been observing my students develop their knowledge and skills over time with ever increasing enthusiasm. I'm especially pleased when students begin to explore music for themselves and start their own creative journey in music. Currently I teach at Blackburn Lake Primary School and with Music In Mind. I teach a number of one on one short piano courses and individual saxophone and piano lessons from my studio in Bayswater. I hold a current Working With Children Check (Card No. 0899060A-01 expires 1/2/2022).

Piano Courses


Aha Music School offers a range of 5-week beginner and intermediate piano courses for singers, pianists, and other instrumentalists. Students can learn how to accompany themselves while they sing; learn how to play pop/rock songs on the piano; learn how to play blues and jazz piano; and learn more about harmony and chords. All piano courses can be adapted to students of any level of piano experience. The courses are designed for students who are currently learning or have experience in either piano or any other instrument, including voice.

There are a number of piano courses available: Pop Piano Course 1 & 2, Blues Piano Course 1 & 2, Jazz Piano Course 1 & 2, and a Combined Theory & Aural Skills Course Using The Piano for VCE and AMEB exam preparation. The courses are progressive; students may begin with Pop Piano Course 1 & 2, and progress to the Blues & Jazz Piano Courses.

Each course is designed to have a logical progression from one topic to the next and is tailored to suit each individual students knowledge, skill level, and musical goals. The purpose of these piano courses is to connect the dots and fill in the knowledge gaps between all the chords, scales, symbols, and other music theory that can at times overwhelm and baffle many students. By the end of each piano course, students will have a basic understanding of piano technique and fingerings, diatonic harmony, the ability to read chord charts, and be able to play simple solo piano accompaniment. The blues and jazz piano courses offer a great introduction to jazz harmony and piano playing in a blues and jazz style.

Once a course has been completed students can enrol in one of the other piano courses, or if you would prefer, you can book a one-off lesson, or ongoing lessons when you feel the need for some more "Aha" moments to keep the inspiration and creativity flowing. One-off and ongoing lessons will be at the hourly Aha Music School saxophone & piano lesson price (see saxophone & piano section of "Enrolment" page).


Course structure & pricing:

5 x 1 hour individual lessons over 5 weeks. Small groups of 2-3 people are available for some piano courses.

The course will be tailored to the students knowledge, skill level, and musical goals. Students will be emailed a brief online questionnaire prior to enrolling. Completion of the questionnaire is optional. The information provided will be used to adapt a program that best fits the student and their musical goals.

Materials will be provided. Bring a pencil, notebook, and music manuscript.

School student discount price: $390

Full price: $450


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Pop piano course 1 & 2

Pop piano course 1 & 2 is designed specifically for singers, pianists, and other musicians who want to accompany themselves on piano while they sing; learn more about chords and harmony; or just play songs for fun.


Blues & jazz piano courses 1 & 2

Blues piano course 1 & 2 and Jazz Piano Course 1 & 2 are designed for musicians who would like to learn more about jazz harmony; how to play jazz and blues on the piano; or learn more about jazz chords and soloing from the pianists perspective.

Combined theory & aural skills using the piano. (For Vce & ameb)

The Combined Theory & Aural Skills Course is great preparation for VCE & AMEB aural and theory exams or for any musician who would like to improve their harmonic knowledge and aural skills. 

Single lessons

AHA Music School is now offering single lessons. If you are limited for time and can't commit to ongoing weekly lessons, or if you have something in particular you want to learn and a single lesson is all you're looking for, you can now book and pay in advance for a single in studio or online lesson.

Send us a message to find out more or book in a time!

Online lessons

AHA Music School is now offering online lessons via Skype, Google Hangouts and Facetime. If you like what AHA Music School has to offer but you can't make it to the studio, you can now enrol to have online lessons without having to leave the house! Both single and ongoing lessons are available (see Enrolment for more details on lesson duration options and price).

Online lessons are particularly suitable for students who already play piano or saxophone and would like single or ongoing lessons focusing on improvisation, theory or pop/rock styles of music.

Saxophone & Piano Lesson Price

Lessons are paid by the term in advance. Payment is due at least one business day before the first lesson of each term.

The first lesson for new students is a trial lesson; payment is due at least one business day before the trial lesson is held. Should you decide to continue saxophone or piano lessons for the rest of the term, payment for the remaining lessons will be due at least one business day before the second lesson.

20min - $25          (Trial lesson will be a 30min lesson at no additional cost)

30min - $38          (Trial lesson $30)

45min - $57          (Trial lesson $45)

60min - $76          (Trial lesson $60)

Piano Course Price

Pop Piano Course 1, Pop Piano Course 2, Blues Piano Course 1, Blues Piano Course 2, Jazz Piano Course 1, Jazz Piano Course 2, Combined Theory & Aural Skills using the piano.

5 x 1 Hour individual lessons over 5 weeks (small groups of 2-3 people available).

School student discount price: $395

Full price: $450

A deposit of $79 (school student), or $90 (full price) will confirm the students enrollment in the piano course and their start date/lesson time. Payment of the deposit implies agreement of the terms and conditions (terms and conditions will be emailed with the invoice). The full payment for the course is due at least one business day before the course commences.

Cancellation & Make-up lessons

Saxophone & Piano Lessons:

Due to the limitations of time and a highly variable timetable, no make-up lessons will be given unless at least 24 hours notice is given. Up to 4 make-up lesson per year may be accommodated. Make-up lessons will given during the school term or during the following school holidays. No lessons will be carried over into the next term.


Piano Courses:

Due to the limitations of time and a highly variable timetable, no make-up lessons will be given unless at least 24 hours notice is given. Only 1 make-up lesson per 5-week course may be accommodated. Make-up lessons will be made up either during the 5-week period of the course, or if needed, in the following 1-2 weeks once the 5-week course period has finished. The 5 x 1 hour lesson course must be completed during a 5-week period; a grace period of 2 extra weeks to complete the course will be given in exceptional circumstances.

Contact us

If you're interested in enrolling in one of the piano courses, or piano and saxophone lessons, please leave a message for Paul in the contact form below, email paul.carter@ahamusicschool.com or phone Paul on 0437 757 380.

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0437 757 380




Studio 2, Vox Singing Academy
14B Church St
Bayswater, Vic. 3153


Mon-Thurs 3pm-9:30pm
Sat 9am-12pm


71 343 861 678




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Come along and check out some live music!

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Jazz Days @ Seville Hill Winery:

Sunday 27th October, 17th & 24th of November and 1st December (12:00-4:30pm).

Paul Carter’s “Playground” Trio @ The Brunswick Green

Wednesday 18th Dec (8:30-10:30pm).

The Jazzlab Orcheztra supporting Billy Childs. (Melb Int’l Jazz Fest.)

31st May 7:30pm @ Melbourne Recital Centre