Pop Piano Course 1

Pop Piano Course 1 is specifically designed for singers, pianists, and other instrumentalists who would like to learn how to accompany themselves while singing; play keyboard in a band; learn more about chords and harmony; improve their chord chart reading, or just play songs for fun. The course is tailored to suit the skill and knowledge level of the student. By the end of Pop Piano Course 1, the student will have a basic understanding of diatonic harmony, the ability to read chord charts, and be able to play simple solo piano accompaniment.

Overview of topics covered Pop Piano Course 1:

  • Basic piano technique and fingerings
  • The note positions on the piano
  • How to read a chord chart
  • Diatonic harmony in a major and minor key
  • Intervals, triads, and tonality
  • Thinking in numbers rather than letter names
  • Some simple pop chord progressions
  • Chord progressions to a simple pop song of your choice
  • Basic solo piano accompaniment

Pop Piano Course 2

Pop Piano Course 2 builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in course 1. In this course we'll cover more about diatonic harmony, 7th chords, inversions, voice leading, more advanced piano accompaniment styles and rhythms, the role of different keyboard instruments in various styles, how to figure the key of a song, and how to learn songs from recordings without using sheet music.

Overview of topics covered in Pop Piano Course 2:

  • Inversions & voice leading
  • 7th, 9th, sus, and other chords and chord symbols
  • The role of keyboards in different styles or music: piano/rhodes, synth pads, lead synth, organ, and clav
  • How to figure out the key of a song
  • The role of LH & RH in a band context
  • Advanced solo piano accompaniment styles and rhythms

Further Information

Course Structure & Pricing:

5 x 1 hour individual lessons over 5 weeks. (Small groups of 2-3 people are available)

School student discount: $390

Full price: $450

A deposit (School student price: $78. Full price: $90) will confirm the students enrollment in the piano course and their start date/lesson time. Payment of the deposit implies agreement of the terms and conditions (terms and conditions will be emailed with the invoice). The full payment for the course is due at least one business day before the course commences.


After the Course:

Once a course has been completed students can enrol in one of the other piano courses, or you can book a one off lesson, or ongoing lessons when you feel the need for some more "Aha" moments to keep the musical creativity flowing. One-off and ongoing lessons will be at the hourly Aha Music School saxophone & piano lesson price ($74).



Due to time limitations and a highly variable timetable, no make-up lessons will be given unless at least 24 hours notice is given. Only 1 make-up lesson per 5-week course will be granted at the discretion of the teacher. Make up lessons will be made up either during the 5-week period of the course, or if needed, in the following 1-2 weeks once the 5-week course period has finished. The 5 x 1 hour lesson course must be completed during a 5-week period, a grace period of 2 extra weeks to complete the course will be given in exceptional circumstances.